Tier Based Approach 2020 Survey

The tier system will allow shops (both essential and non-essential), gyms, leisure centres, barbers and salons to open. But hospitality would be required to remain closed in the worst affected areas.

MPs will vote on whether to move to a tiered/localised system of restrictions. Matt wants to know what constituents think. 

Stockton is currently at 216.3 cases per 100,000 with 81.8% of beds occupied across the North Tees NHS Trust. SAGE modelling forecasts that the the tiered system is needed to ensure the NHS maintains the capacity to cope.

Coronavirus Survey Dec 2020

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Which of the following statements do you most agree with with?
Matt is leading a campaign to get greater support for hospitality businesses who are forced to close so as to protect businesses and jobs. Do you agree more support is required for businesses in this sector forced to close?
Matt voted against the government on the 10pm curfew as felt it was counterproductive in controlling the virus and was doing huge damage to the hospitality sector. Do you think Matt was right to vote against the curfew?
Do you agree it’s right for Gyms, Salons & non-essential retail to reopen?
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