20,000 extra police officers

20,000 new police officers are being recruited, starting now. Conservative MP candidate Matt Vickers is working to tackle crime and make sure Stockton South gets a share of bobbies on the beat.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has committed to put 20,000 more police officers on our streets. He is also giving officers greater freedom to use stop and search, building extra prison places and looking at tougher sentences.

Across our area people concerned about crime are welcoming the news. Matt Vickers has not wasted any time in campaigning to ensure we get our fair share of the extra police - and has already been in touch with the Prime Minister and Home Secretary to make the case for more cops on the streets of Stockton South.

Cleveland Police are currently recruiting 100 new officers - but we need yet more. Matt said: “It’s time for a tougher approach to prevent crime in our area and punish those responsible. That means more officers on our streets and stricter sentences for
those who commit the worst offences.”

Matt has also responded to specific crime issues across our area:

  • Ingleby Barwick Matt met with Cleveland Police, Civic Enforcement and Councillor Sally Ann Watson after a surge in anti-social behaviour around Tesco earlier in the year.
  • Hartburn and Grangefield Matt has worked to tackle shoplifting and car crime by securing the installation of temporary CCTV cameras, pushing retailers to review their security measures and requesting more police and enforcement patrols within the area.