Yarm parking woes

For years there has been debate about car parking and congestion in Yarm. And for the last decade, while lots of suggestions have come forward for potential car parks nothing has been achieved.

In February, Matt organised Yarm's first ‘Traffic Summit’, bringing together local businesses, councillors, an engineering expert and the then Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling.

The meeting looked at local transport and traffic issues around the town and discussed the lack of a long stay car park.

Now there is a potential site on the table but we want your views ahead of meeting with council officers about the plans. Please fill in the survey below to help Matt deliver action.

For more information about the potential car park and how it's came about click here.

Yarm Parking

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On a scale of 0-10 where 0 is no impact and 10 is a huge impact, does congestion in Yarm have a negative impact on your life?
Do you think there is a lack of long stay parking in our town?
Do you think limiting parking on the High Street to short stay has been helpful?
There is now an opportunity to build a 100+ space car park on the 'backlands' - wasteland between the viaduct and the back of uno/waterstones. Do you support this proposal?